Marriage in Ukraine

We provide legal assistance for marriage in Ukraine. If you are going to get married in Ukraine we can quickly and efficiently organize all legal actions. Ukrainian marriage certificate that is recognized in most of the countries of the world.

We can provide you with the following services related to marriage under the legislation of Ukraine:

  • consultation on family law, marriage in Ukraine;
  • filing of an application for a marriage;
  • quick marriage in Ukraine in 2 days;
  • prenuptial agreement drafting;
  • preparation and registration of a marriage contract;
  • consultation on divorce procedure on the division of property and equitable distribution;

How the marriage is done in Ukraine?

Here we will explain how to arrange a marriage in Ukraine if one or more of the spouses is not a Ukrainian citizen. Marriage in Ukraine is made based on the Family Code of Ukraine. Only man and women can make a marriage so same-sex marriage is forbidden in our country. Also, it is allowed to be married only with one person. So officially polygyny is forbidden as well. But at the same time, there is no criminal or administrative responsibility for polygyny in Ukraine. 

Future spouses shall submit the application for marriage to RAZS (department of registration of acts of civil status) or submit to a communal registration company. Both offices are acting under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The application is being prepared right there by the officer. All the documents shall be submitted personally by the spouses. So it is not possible to submit required documents based on the power of attorney or by one of the couple. The wife is able to choose her future surname when submitting the documents. 

What documents are submitted in order to get married in Ukraine:

  • passports of the spouses (passport of the foreign citizen shall have a cross-border stamp in case if he/she doesn’t have Ukrainian residency);
  • copy of the passport of a foreign citizen (shall be officially translated and certified by the notary);
  • residence permit (only in case if one of the spouses is a resident);
  • document on the address of registration in Ukraine (only if required);
  • Ukrainian tax identification number.

Consider that this procedure can be done only if the foreign spouse resides in Ukraine legally. In case if the spouse has exceeded the period of stay in Ukraine or if his/her residence permit is expired (or will be expired at the date on marriage) the application can not and will not be accepted.

Documents that are submitted are checked very intently by the officer. After the papers are checked and the application is signed, spouses can choose the date of marriage and the procedure. In case if the couple wants to make an official ceremony, it is decided on the day when the application is submitted. Anyway, it is not a must to have an official ceremony with guests. It is not compulsory to have witnesses. If you need to obtain only a marriage certificate, there can be only you two at the wedding day. Consider also that if one of the spouses does not speak the Ukrainian language it is necessary to make a translator (with a diploma) to be present on the day of marriage.

There is one very important issue when a foreign citizen is getting married in Ukraine. That citizen is to be checked by the migration service. The request for such checking shall be done on the day when the application is submitted. Usually, it takes up to one month to get the answer. Without approval from the Migration Service of Ukraine (which is a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Police Department), it is not allowed to get married.

Regarding the time, usually, marriage is possible after one month since the day when the application is submitted. By request and at extra charge it is possible to speed up the date of the wedding. A marriage certificate is issued on the date of the wedding. Each of the spouses will get a certificate. In case if it is needed to make a certificate recognizable outside of Ukraine, it is necessary to certify it with an apostille.

Premarital agreement in Ukraine.

A prenuptial agreement (also named marriage agreement) in Ukraine is signed in order to regulate the property relations between the spouses, determine their property rights and obligations. Based on the Ukrainian Family Code, all the property that has been acquired/attained before the marriage remains personal property after the marriage. All the property acquired/attained during the marriage is considered as shared (or joined) ownership, unless the couple has a premarital contract. 

Prenup signed under the law of Ukraine also may define the property rights and obligations of the spouses as parents. It is forbidden to regulate the personal relations of the spouses, as well as the personal relations between them and the children with the contract. It is not possible to put one of the spouses in an extremely disadvantaged financial position. It is also forbidden to transfer real estate and other property (that shall be registered under the legislation of Ukraine) rights based on the prenup. If you do not want to share any property (that you will earn during the marriage) with your spouse, it is possible to do it only based on a prenuptial agreement. 

A marriage contract can be signed no earlier than the date when the application for the wedding has been submitted. Consider that this document can be signed anytime after the marriage. If you do not want to share with your spouse any property rights that can be attained during the marriage, prenup shall contain a clause that an article 60 of the Family Code of Ukraine does not apply to your marriage. It is also possible to mention sanctions or compensation for a husband or a wife in case of divorce.

Consider also, that under Ukrainian law, in case of sale of a property it is necessary to obtain consent from your spouse unless you have a marriage agreement where is mentioned that consent is not required.


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