Shelf company in Ukraine

We offer you shelf companies in Ukraine for sale. We have dozens of ready-made companies that you can buy. We can also offer you companies that already do have special licenses and permissions. You can buy a shelf company that has a VAT registration. We do guarantee that legal entities we sell to our clients are free from any debts and credits. We always provide a guarantee letter during purchase of a ready-made company. We do not offer business for sale. But we can provide you with paper company that has proper legal documents and can fit your requirements.

You can buy from us the following types of ready-made companies:

  • Young shelf company with age 1-12 month (with or without value added tax registration)
  • Middle-aged ready-made company with age 13-60 month before
  • Old companies with age 5 years and more
  • Corporations with construction licenses and permissions (so called SS1, SS2, SS3)
  • Aged agriculture companies;

Cost of Ukrainian shelf company is the following

type of shelf company cost*
young  $690
middle-aged  $890 
old from $990  
shelf company with construction license from $1990
shelf company with special license or permission by request
old agriculture company by request 

*does not include notary charges and government fees related to company purchase.

What is a shelf company in Ukraine?

Shelf companies in Ukraine mostly are just legal entities that has been established only with the aim to be sold. Such companies usually have no turnover, no banking account, there are no employees and other signs of active business.

The main benefits of Ukrainian shelf company are the following:

  1. age; it is reasonable that old companies are trusted more;
  2. time to start business; in most of cases it is better to take a shelf company if you need urgently to start transactions or to invoice your client;
  3. licenses and permissions; there are ready-made companies that have specific authorizations and permissions for sale.

We want to inform you that you make amendments of any data of Ukrainian company including: company name, shareholders or owners, types of business activities, company address and other contact information, etc. The only data that is impossible to change is the date of company registration and registry number. In Ukraine it is also possible to make a company reorganization and to convert limited liability company into joint stock company.

Shelf companies are popular in Ukraine. Usually it is due to specific process of VAT registration. Other reason is that some customers do not want to lose time and wait for the registration procedures and decide to buy a ready-made corporation.

But consider that companies that do have special licenses and permissions for gas, oil exploration or extraction of other resources are not called shelf companies even if such entities do have all the features of empty corporation. That is because in some industries a certain permission can be unique and can be considered as an asset itself.

If you neet to register a new shelf company, the procedure is the same as normal company formation in Ukraine.

Special ready-made companies in Ukraine

Some companies, that are being sold, had some business activity previously. But now such companies are free from assets and debts. Such companies are sold because there is a demand for corporations that had a certain amount of revenue and proper accounting.

The other reason why such entities are sold is that the previous owner prefer to avoid liquidation procedure, that is usually complicated in Ukraine. But the good question is why do you have to sell “clean” company with some certain level of turnover and that can be used for other business. The new owner or a shareholder of such company can show to his clients the balance sheet or financial statement and to have a proof that his/her business has been running for many years. Consider that it is a bit more risky to buy such types of shelf companies. But if you really need it, do your best to acquire a company via trusted lawyer or solicitor. The best solution is to conduct a due diligence before you will buy a ready-made company with turnover.

How to buy a shelf company in Ukraine?

First of all you have to understand clearly what for do you need such shelf company and what are your main goals and requirements? If it is a limitel liability company, first of all you have to buy shares. A young shelf company for sale shall have no debts and no bank account opened. It would be better to receive a guarantee letters both from shareholder (or in this case he is called as seller) and manager (director) of the company.
The next step is removal of company manager and amendments to the company data, like company name, types of business activities, office legal address and contact information. Of course this is not a must. And there is no need to make changes in the case if the company name or types of activities or other legal company details are ok four you. But if you are buying a company that had a revenue, due diligence is strongly recommended.

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