Legalization of gambling in Ukraine

Parliament of Ukraine has passed a bill on state regulation of gambling and betting business. Since 2009 this business has been illegal in Ukraine. Honestly, this law is very good and we expect more tourists to visit Ukraine for entertainment. At the same time, it will help to increase investments in the entertainment business in Ukraine and to create additional jobs. 

Already the decision to legalize gambling in Ukraine is affecting the cost of land and hotels in the main cities of our country, like Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. Main 5-star hotels in Kyiv already are preparing to open casinos and gambling halls. 

Gambling and betting business in Ukraine will be regulated by special governmental authority. The activity can be conducted only under a license. According to the text of the law, beginning from January the 01-st 2021 in Ukraine will be allowed to organize and carry out the following activities in the field of organization and conduct of gambling:

  • gambling in the casino (offline gambling);
  • online casinos (gambling on the internet as well as locating of required hardware);
  • bookmaking activities (both offline and online);
  • gambling in the halls of slot machines;
  • gambling poker online.

Slot machine halls are allowed to be located in the hotels that are 3 to 5 stars rated. Casinos will be allowed in hotels of the category “five stars” which have a number of not less than 100 rooms (for Kyiv – not less than 150 rooms), suburban recreation complexes with a total area of ​​not less than 10 thousand square meters, and in the special territorial gambling zones (that can be established by Government’s decision).

It is forbidden to open casinos nearby schools. Minors will not be allowed to enter such places as players will have to show a passport or an ID at the entrance.

Bookmakers are allowed to work only in 3-5 star hotels (that have at least 25 rooms if located outside of Kyiv and 50 rooms for Kyiv based hotels). Bookmakers are allowed to work on racetracks so parimutuel betting will be legalized as well.

Only and exclusively a Ukrainian company can own a casino or any betting business. Every time every player or every client shall be identified. The same rule is for online business. The operator of a gambling business should not allow gambling or betting to the people who are addicted.

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