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We provide services of work permit obtaining for foreign citizens in Ukraine. Our lawyers have more than 10 years of experience in employment law and we offer only high-quality services. During this process, we provide consultations, needed documents, and full legal support.

Price – from $190 (state fee is not included)

Needed time – 5-7 business days

How to get work permission in Ukraine? Documents required to obtain.

Foreigners and stateless persons can be employed in Ukraine only after obtaining an appropriate permit that is issued by the State Employment Service of Ukraine. These requirements are established by article 42 of the Law of Ukraine “On Employment”. People that have a permanent residency in Ukraine do not need a work permit to be employed. Work permit in Ukraine can be issued for a period of up to 3 years. Permission may be renovated before it is expired. When making Ukraine company verification, we always check the work permit in case if the company has any foreign employees. That is because the penalty for using foreign labor without the work permit is around UAH 100 000,00. The company can be fined even in case if there is no employment contract but based on the fact that a foreign private is actually working in that company.

It is not a must for an employee to come to Ukraine with the aim of obtaining a work permit. It is a company to apply needed documents and to pay needed fees. Permission is issued to the employer (legal entity or sole proprietor), and not to the foreigner as an individual. So work permits can be used for employment in a particular company or organization. That means that if you will obtain an employment permit you will be allowed to work only in a certain company in a certain job position.

Making an investment, economic, and business activity by foreigners does not require obtaining a work permit. State registration of non-Ukrainian as sole proprietors also does not require a work permit obtaining. But this permission is required if the foreigner intends to be appointed to the position of the head (Director, Director General, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, President) of the legal entity of which he is a participant or owner. 

Permit to work does not entitle a foreigner to reside in Ukraine. But, obtaining of work permit is one of the basics to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Many individuals are getting a work permit with the aim of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. Consider that there is no such type of visa for Ukraine as a work visa.

If you want to establish a company in Ukraine and to be appointed as a director, an employment permit is a must. In such a way you will need a Ukrainian citizen to be a nominee director of the company up till the day when the work permit is obtained.

The following documents must be applied to the state authority by an employer:

  • application;
  • copy of passport (translated into Ukrainian and certified by the notary);
  • one color photo (the size of 3.5 x 4.5 centimeters);
  • draft employment contract (certified by the director of Ukrainian company);

As of 2021, the state fees for the Ukrainian employment permits are:

Validity  State fee
1 – 3 years UAH 13 620,00
6 months – 1 year UAH 9 080,00
1 – 6 months UAH 4 540,00

Payment is made after the decision to issue a document was made but not later than 10 working days since that date. If the payment has not been made within 10 days, the work permit is canceled. So make sure that the payment for the Ukrainian work permit has been processed timely and properly.

The law of Ukraine defines so-called special categories of foreigners which are:

  • is a founder and/or a shareholder and/or an Ultimate Beneficial Owner of a company that will obtain a Ukrainian work permit;
  • applies to hold a position that provides for the creation of objects of copyright and (or) related rights as the main labor;
  • high qualified IT expert;
  • has a degree of higher education (according to the relevant category of the profession) of one of the educational institutions ranked in the first hundred in one of such world rankings:
  • Times Higher Education;
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities;
  • QS World University Rankings by Faculty;
  • Webometrics Ranking of World Universities;

Who can obtain a work permit in Ukraine?

Any citizen, regardless of nationality. According to the laws of Ukraine, employment is permitted beginning from the age of 16. Persons who have made a crime previously may be refused in working permit obtaining.

Permission is also granted for the employment of:

  • foreign citizens who are sent by a foreign employer to Ukraine to perform a certain amount of work (services) on the basis of contracts concluded between the domestic and foreign business entities; the percentage of qualified foreigners employed under the agreement does not exceed half of the total number of people working for Conditions of the contract;
  • foreigners who are classified as “intra-corporate transferees” according to the schedule of specific obligations in the service sector, the Protocol on Ukraine’s accession to the WTO (Article II of the General Agreement on Trade in Services);

The detailed procedure for the employment permit, state fees, terms, and requirements are regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

It is not required to obtain a work permit for the following categories of citizens:

  • foreign citizens who have a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • official refugees, under the legislation of Ukraine;
  • individuals that have obtained an immigration permit;
  • foreigners who are recognized as persons in need of additional protection, or who are granted temporary protection in Ukraine;
  • representatives of foreign maritime (river) fleet and airlines that serve such companies on the territory of Ukraine;
  • employees of foreign media who are accredited to work in Ukraine;
  • professional athletes, artists, and art workers to work in Ukraine;
  • workers of emergency services for urgent work;
  • employees of foreign representative offices (registered in the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the procedure established by the law);
  • ecclesiastics, clergymen  who are to reside in Ukraine temporarily (on the ground of invitation of the religious organization) for canonical or religious activity only in such religious organization;
  • foreigners who arrived in Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects;
  • foreigners who arrived to conduct teaching and/or scientific activity in higher education institutions, universities, etc;
  • other foreigners in cases provided by laws and international treaties of Ukraine;

The involvement of highly qualified foreign specialists and workers, the need for which is required for Ukraine’s economic progress, is carried out on the grounds defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration”. Consider also, that the employment of foreigners does not require the substantiation of an employment agency if that individual relies on a special category of foreigners.

Legalization is needed for documents issued by the following countries: China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Afghanistan; most African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Egypt, Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan.

Apostille is needed for the documents issued by the State which is a party of Apostille convention like (but not exclusively): all European Countries, United States of America, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina.

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