Permanent Residence in Ukraine

What is the residence permit in Ukraine?

Ukrainian residence permit in Ukraine is called “posvidka na prozhyvannya”. It is an ID card, which is issued to a foreign citizen on a certain basis.

Under Ukrainian law, all non-Ukrainian citizens, with the aim to reside in Ukraine, are obliged to obtain residence permits. You must get a permanent residence card if You want to stay in Ukraine for more than 90 days. The temporary residence permit term in Ukraine is up to 3 years. The term for temporary residence permit depends on the ground. For example, the term for a residence permit which has been issued under work permit can not be longer than the work permit term. Residence permit term can be prolonged if there are enough grounds and if the documents are submitted timely.

Ukrainian State immigration Service is the main and only authority to assign a permanent residence status to individuals. All needed documents and permanent residence form are submitted to the territorial office.

Who can apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

The following categories of foreigners and stateless persons have a right to obtain a residence permit:

  • individuals that do have a work permit in Ukraine;
  • scientists and cultural workers whose immigration corresponds to interests of Ukraine;
  • qualified specialists and workers, needed for Ukraine economy;
  • foreigners who are founders and/or shareholders and/or beneficiary owners (controllers) of a legal entity registered in Ukraine and want to arrive in Ukraine in order to control the activities of such legal entities;
  • investors who have made more than 100 000 EURO investment into Ukraine*;
  • persons who are a brother or sister, grandfather or grandmother, or a grandchild of citizens of Ukraine;
  • persons who have previously been citizens of Ukraine;
  • parents, husband (wife) of immigrants and their minor children;
  • people who have lived continuously in Ukraine for three years since the refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine, as well as their parents, husbands (wives) and minor children residing with them;
  • persons who continuously lived in Ukraine for three years from the date of their status of persons affected by human trafficking;
  • one spouse if the other spouse (whom he/she have been married for more than two years) is a citizen of Ukraine, children, and parents of citizens of Ukraine;
  • persons who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine or those who are under guardianship or trusteeship by citizens of Ukraine;
  • persons who are entitled to citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin;
  • persons whose immigration in Ukraine does national interest;
  • foreign Ukrainian, Ukrainian foreign spouses, their children in case of their joint entry and stay in Ukraine.

*note that the purchase of real estate is not considered to be a foreign investment

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine?

The easiest way to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine is through obtaining a work permit. It is very convenient to immigrate to Ukraine for economic activities. Because any way You will need a company for business activity and at the same time for work permission obtaining. You will also need to rent or to buy a house or an apartment in Ukraine as an exact address of your registration is needed. 

After becoming a permanent resident, there will be no need to apply for a permanent residence visa. By Ukrainian legislation, there is no permanent resident visa. Consider also that business visa to Ukraine is not a ground to obtain a residence permit.

Permanent Residence application must contain such personal information:

  • name (inc. first name and family name);
  • address of residence;
  • substantiation for permanent Residence application;
  • two photos of the applicant;
  • insurance;

Application for permanent residence also must contain a Ukrainian taxpayer identification number (actually this is the first document You should get when You will come to Ukraine).

After you will get a permanent resident card it will have the power of your Ukrainian passport. The permanent resident card in Ukraine can be used during property acquisition, bank account opening, civil relations, marriage, and other.

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