Ukrainian visa for Hong Kong citizens

Ukraine becomes more popular tourist and business destination every month. Since 2016 there has been more than 20% yearly growth of people coming to Ukraine. Also we see growing interest to Ukraine among Hong-Kong citizens. Some of them come to Ukraine even to live here as it is much cheaper, compared to Hong-Kong. Some people come here to make business and some to discover Ukraine as unique and particular destination. Growing real-estate market also increase the enthusiasm on Ukraine. Ukraine immigration and visa rules are very favorable to Hong-Kong citizens. Passport holders of HK Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China are considered as one of most respected travelers. If you intend to have a business trip to Ukraine we can provide you with business invitation documents for Hong Kong passport holder.

What you need to know about entry to Ukraine and cross-border rules for Hong-Kong passport holder

Hong-Kong passport holders do not need a visa to enter Ukraine for the period up to 14 days. There is a visa-free entry for Hong-Kong passport holders. So if you are a Hong-Kong citizen and you intend to stay up to 14 days, it is not necessary to obtain any kind of migration document. All you need to be able to cross Ukrainian border successfully is:

  • return ticket (consider that the return date shall be not later that 14-days after intended arrival);
  • medical travel insurance policy (the coverage shall be not less than equivalent to EUR 30 000);
  • a proof of funds (this is very rarely checked by Ukrainian Border Service); it can be bank statement, cash, data on mobile bank ID, card, etc;
  • purpose of the visit (you might be asked about it and you should have an exact answer); consider that it can be business of personal or tourist visit;

The most important is the return ticket because the airline has the right to refuse on boarding. Ukrainian border service has the right to refuse the entry too if there you do not have the return ticket or other proof that you will leave Ukraine within 14 days. Consider also that visa on arrival is not allowed at all and can’t be issued.

Ukrainian Visa C for Hong-Kong citizens

Honk-Kong passport holders are also able to obtain visa C to Ukraine. Regardless the purpose of visit, you are allowed even to apply for Ukrainian short-term visa C. This type of visa can be issued for the period of residence up to 90 days and can be single entry or multi entry visa. If you are going to stay in Ukraine for a longer period, you will have or travel out from this country and enter (not earlier than the next day) or you will have to obtain a visa D and residence permit. Visa application from Hong-Kong citizens can be submitted to any embassy or consulate of Ukraine. Before submitting the documents to Ukrainian embassy you need to proceed with registration on the MFA of Ukraine website. Also you need to prepare a list of documents confirming the purpose of the trip. It takes from 1 to 10 working days to process the visa C to Ukraine for HKSAR individuals.

E-visa to Ukraine for Hong-Kong passport holders

If you are HKSAR passport holder and you intend to stay in Ukraine more than 14 days but not more than 30 days, you can obtain an e-visa (electronic or so called digital visa). For this you will have to make a registration at official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine ( After the registration, you will need to fulfill visa application form, attach scanned documents (like business invitation to Ukraine if you are going to travel for commercial or business purpose) and make a payment online. The consular fee for Ukrainian e-visa, which is issued on the name of Honk-Kong individual, is $85.

We hope that this information will help you during your trip to Ukraine.


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