We provide comprehensive legal and consulting services for non-governmental organization registration in Ukraine.

What we do?
• consultations on process and procedure of NGO registration and on important aspects of activity in Ukraine;
• prepare needed documents for non-governmental organization constitution;
• registration in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
• legalization of representative office of foreign NGO in Ukraine;
• nominee director and office service;
• seal (emblem) and banking account obtainment;
• obtainment of non-profit status in Ukrainian tax authorities;
• tax consulting on charitable activity in Ukraine;
• legalization of international or foreign NGO in Ukraine (NGO representative office/affiliation constitution);
• mediation and dispute resolution;
• liquidation, closure of NGO or it’s representative office.

Non-governmental organization or public association (by Ukrainian law) – is a voluntary association of individuals and/or legal entities of private law established for the purpose of the development and protection of rights and freedoms, and for social, economic, cultural, environmental and other interests protection. The status of a public association is regulated by the Law of Ukraine «On Public Associations».

NGO can be created in the form of a public organization or in the form of a public union. A public organization is a public association whose founders and members (participants) are individuals (citizens). A public union is a public association whose founders and members (participants) are legal persons of private law, and members (participants) may be legal persons of private law and individuals.

Non Ukrainian individuals, companies and organization can be the founders or participants of Ukrainian NGO. A public association with the status of a legal entity is a non-entrepreneurial and non-profit organization, the main purpose of which is not to make a profit.

By Ukrainian law, NGO are exempt from taxation by VAT, income and corporate tax. All funds received by organization that were used properly are exempt from taxation. Non-governmental organization shall obtain of non-profit status from tax authority. Ministry of justice is the main registration authority for NGO constitution.

Term of registration – up to 30 working days.

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