We provide legal advice and support during the following operations with land and real estate in Ukraine:

  • general counselling;
  • legal advice during property purchase and sell;
  • legal assistance during lease and property management operations;
  • legal accompaniment of real estate investment projects;
  • legal advice during construction and technical connection to utilities;
  • legal support during building commissioning process;
  • real estate tax consulting;
  • dispute resolution.

Real estate and construction background in Ukraine

Real estate has always been one of the bacis of economy. And one of the best businesses to invest in. In Ukraine it is a fast-growing sector. But lately construction is growing especially fast. There are few key reasons for that:

  1. Deregulation of process of permissions obtaining for construction. For the past 4 years Ukrainian government made a real revolution in construction approval. Now Ukraine is ranked 35 in World bank index of dealing with construction permits. When instantly it comes much easier to make some process, it will always make a property cheaper and demand higher.
  2. Loans. Now it is easier and cheaper to get a mortgage from a bank. Deposit rates have been falling down for the past 2 years, taking down credit rates. Today banks do have more money and are ready to offer cheaper loans on better conditions.

Although there are some risks for the property rights, due to not perfect legalization. But such problems are in any country.

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